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Radio helps small businesses grow
Small businesses play a key role in their local communities. They have a positive impact on the labor market, help cover costs / taxes and provide consumers with alternative products / services. They also help shape and influence the community – as does radio.
Small businesses are important to consumers. 69% of consumers prefer to support local retailers. Perhaps the reason for this preference comes from experience.
As a broad access channel, radio reaches business owners – 81% of self-employed business owners listen to FM radio over-the-air or over the Internet. And when it comes to sound choices, radio dominates. Radio reaches 93% of self-employed / small business owners compared to Pandora (31%), satellite radio (18%) and Spotify (17%). But the relationship between radio and small business is deeper than the business owners are hearing. It is the relationship of a local radio station driving awareness for businesses and affecting residents to visit, shop and buy from local small businesses. And each one offers a very personal experience.
The radio stations and their personalities are part of the community – such as small local businesses. The connection between the listeners, the stations and the celebrities at these stations is unique to the radio. 83% of listeners value and trust the opinions of their favorite personalities because they view them as friends or family members. They can influence the listener’s choice of service, brand or product, with 77% of listeners considering it to be recommended by this person.
Radio is effective for small businesses. Radio advertising can result in a 22% increase in store traffic, on average, and can increase Google search activity by 29%. Radio can also help achieve a high return on investment, according to BIA consulting services. Radio contributes to brand awareness and to the successes of businesses – large and small.